Meet Olga Donchenko

Olga has been exposed to the real estate industry from a young age, watching her father build his business in luxury home investment from scratch. Her mentor and role model, her father, has taught her the importance of perseverance, hard work and integrity.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from York University and Masters in Economics from the University of Toronto, Olga has been able to combine her education, passion and family legacy in her career as a real estate professional.

“What I love about real estate is that I get to make a personal contribution to my client’s lives through my profession. It’s not a coincidence then that so many of my clients have become long term friends”. 

Her clients describe Olga as personable, practical, attentive and very professional. They appreciate that she is able to apply her background in finance to advise them on their decisions. 

Olga is an avid reader and likes to stay current on things related to investments, finance and the real estate market. “I love to learn, and reading is my way of remaining a lifelong learner”. 

In her spare time Olga likes to paint as it keeps her creativity alive. She has shown her work in solo and shared art exhibits. Olga lives in Toronto with her family.