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The latest real estate news and luxury insights from Toronto

Toronto's Real Estate Roundtable: What’s next for the housing market in 2019?

Barry Cohen was part of Post City Magazines' 2019 Real Estate Roundtable, which took place at the Rotman School of Management earlier this month.

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A Historical Tudor Home Is Revamped For Modern Living

5 Red Flags to Look for When Buying a Home in Toronto

Red flags are nothing for home buyers to fear. They’re simply helpful hints indicating potential issues to resolve.

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Zen and the Art of Japanese Soaking

For many, a long soak is reserved for a spa day or a hotel stay, but with a Japanese-inspired soaking tub, you can create this spa-like environment right at home and enjoy this indulgence every day.

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Top Fireplace Design Trends

No matter your taste in décor, whether your home is a modern marvel, a traditional Tudor or a sprawling villa estate, having a fireplace adds an instant focal point and design element to the room.

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What Experts Say About the 2019 Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year

Each year, longtime American paint maker Sherwin-Williams releases a color of the year, a hue of choice that its designers anticipate will be big and make its way into homes in many ways in the coming year.

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Community Spotlight: York Mills

York Mills, full of grand residences and palatial homes, is one of the more affluent neighborhoods in Toronto.

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Condo or House: Which is Best For You?

Facing the decision between the house of your dreams or just the perfect condo isn’t exactly like being caught between a rock and hard place (you win either way), but it’s a very difficult decision nonetheless.

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Spotlight: Toronto's Private Clubs

They may be members-only, but the allure of private clubs in Toronto is definitely not a social secret. From modern, trendy clubs to institutions well over a hundred years old, here’s a brief list of some of Toronto’s most exclusive social clubs.

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