Meet Shaz Arad

Shaz grew up in a large family and learned from childhood that you reach your goals with hard work, disciplined dedication and perseverance. Taking on his parents tenacity and drive to succeed no matter what, Shaz moved to Canada in 2000 to start a life of his own. 

Coming to Canada as a Software Engineer, Shaz changed gears and decided to start his own business as a real estate professional and has been in the business since.

Shaz is relentless in pursuit of his clients’ goals and extremely loyal. “It is important for me, to remain positive, that I am always helpful and available whenever my clients need me. A satisfied, happy customer is what matters most to me”. His focus on the customer and drive to never give up makes him a very strong negotiator and a trusted partner at the table.

This approach to each of his clients has created a very strong referral business that Shaz is very proud of. Shaz is multilingual and speaks English, Hebrew, Farsi and Kurdish. He has lived in Toronto for over 15 years and has extensive knowledge and experience of the area.

When he is not working selling and buying homes he can be found volunteering for animal shelters, walking his dog or relaxing at home.