Meet Fara Naimian

Fara is known for her hard work, determination, and her engaging personality. She is multilingual, fluent in English and Farsi, an excellent resource when working with international buyers.

After Fara finished her degree in Chemistry, she worked as a supervisor for KLM, creating incredible client experiences every day. In 2013, Fara transitioned to the business of Real Estate, finding an incredible fit while utilizing her excellent interpersonal skills and her strong networking abilities.

Fara brings six years of industry experience to the table, confidently navigating her clients through every detail of their real estate transactions.

Fara makes it a priority to understand the needs of her clients. She is extremely attentive, professional and honest. Her focus is on the customer experience, she is committed to ensuring her clients are informed at all times and have been provided the understanding and insights they need in order to be comfortable and informed.

Fara is very goal oriented and organized. She is an expert negotiator and a lifelong learner. She is dedicated to making the dreams of her clients come true. She believes that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

When Fara isn’t working, she enjoys spending time reading at home with her daughter.