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The latest real estate news and luxury insights from Toronto

Finding the Right Home in a Competitive Market

Toronto real estate is a unique market for a metropolitan city. The low inventory and high demand that is driving sale prices higher are not limited to a particular market segment.

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December Toronto Real Estate Update

The Toronto real estate market’s latest figures show no change to the underlying market conditions that have persisted throughout this year.

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How Land-Transfer Tax Changes Affects Luxury Market

The latest real estate regulations outlined in the Ontario government’s fall economic statement will impact buyers in Toronto’s luxury market.

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International Buyers’ Growing Attraction to Toronto’s Market

Toronto real estate reported rapid gains in average sale price over the last six years, with a steady upward trend originating earlier in the new millennium.

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Is Vancouver’s Foreign Buyer Tax Driving Toronto Luxury Real Estate?

Vancouver’s real estate market was similar to Toronto in many ways: high demand for housing, peaked interest from foreign buyers, and a limited supply.

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November Toronto Real Estate Update

Reported numbers for October remain on track for a record year in Toronto residential sales.

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International Selling Guide for Toronto Real Estate

Toronto home sellers may believe that the current market conditions make it easy to list and sell for top dollar. This is not the case.

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The Impact of New Lending Rules on Toronto Real Estate

The majority of the changes appear to target managing financial risk and concerns regarding foreign buyers buying and flipping Canadian real estate.

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International Buying Guide for Toronto Real Estate

Toronto is an excellent city for foreign buyers to purchase real estate.

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