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The latest real estate news and luxury insights from Toronto

Condo or House: Which is Best For You?

Facing the decision between the house of your dreams or just the perfect condo isn’t exactly like being caught between a rock and hard place (you win either way), but it’s a very difficult decision nonetheless.

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Spotlight: Toronto's Private Clubs

They may be members-only, but the allure of private clubs in Toronto is definitely not a social secret. From modern, trendy clubs to institutions well over a hundred years old, here’s a brief list of some of Toronto’s most exclusive social clubs.

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Toronto Storeys Meets Barry Cohen

He is a Canadian real estate legend with sky-high sales, but his success is rooted in family.

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January Toronto Real Estate Update

Toronto real estate achieved new home sale records for the second year in a row. A total of 113,133 sales were completed, an 11.8% increase over 2015.

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Relocating During the Winter? 5 Things You Should Know

Relocating in the winter does not have to be a nightmare with the right preparation!

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4 Things To Do Before Leaving Your Home for Vacation

When it's time to hit the ski slopes for a week or the need to escape the Toronto chill strikes, there are some steps local homeowners must take before leaving on vacation.

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Finding the Right Home in a Competitive Market

Toronto real estate is a unique market for a metropolitan city. The low inventory and high demand that is driving sale prices higher are not limited to a particular market segment.

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December Toronto Real Estate Update

The Toronto real estate market’s latest figures show no change to the underlying market conditions that have persisted throughout this year.

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How Land-Transfer Tax Changes Affects Luxury Market

The latest real estate regulations outlined in the Ontario government’s fall economic statement will impact buyers in Toronto’s luxury market.

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