From rich green to creamy hazelnut, these trending colors will take your decor to the next level

Color is the foundation of interior design, and the hue of a room can transform the entire space. Color can both influence mood and affect how your home is perceived. Some colors are timeless and never go out of style while others are as fleeting as a summer breeze. The best colors are of the timeless variety and might surprise you in their staying power. Here are five shades you should consider weaving into your home decor.


Warm and inviting, creamy hazelnut is a color that will never go out of style. The light and comforting tone can be paired with practically any other color, making it a great option for a variety of spaces. Not sure where to integrate it? Take a look around and see which rooms could use some brightening—hazelnut tones are great at bouncing light and making a room appear bigger than it is.

Dark Greens

Use dark green to invoke the imagery and healing power of nature in your home. Make sure to utilize these deep, healing tones in larger, well-lit rooms, as the intensity of the hue has the potential to overpower other colors and smaller spaces, making them feel darker than they really are. 


Utilizing a mustard color is a great idea for people looking for an alternative to gold. Use it to add a splash of color to any setting or as a focal accent. A great choice for accent walls or trim, mustard is definitely a trending color right now.


This dark, grey-beige color is not one to overlook. A favorite this year, pewter can be used all over the home. The lovely, muted tone makes for a great standalone or accent alike. Pewter can infuse any space with sophistication and elegance.


Bored of browns and beiges? Clay is the perfect substitute. Shades like terra cotta, caramel, and burnt orange can give your home personality and zest. Use as a backsplash or accent to take your room to the next level.

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